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Pills fear

Fear is a normal reaction of human body to external threat. This feeling is meant to protect us. But, it turns out, is not so simple. Doctors differentiate two types: fear is natural, caused by a particular situation and the pathological, turning into a phobia. The distinction between these varieties is quite flexible, and to understand where the phobia, where common sense is not easy. It seems that many are interested in the question, but are there any pills out of fear? Be there! Indications for use pills fear

Drugs, we are interested in pharmacodynamics, typically have the characteristics listed below.

Sedative, or a sedative, properties. Anxiolytic, or antianxiety. Eases muscular spasserovannye – muscle relaxant. Slows down the nervous system, causing drowsiness. Anticonvulsant.

Based on the above qualities, come up and indications for use pills fear:

The emergence of sleep problems.
Different types of neuroses. Angioneurosis.
Psychopathic condition.
Various autonomic abnormalities.
A number of varieties of epilepsy.
Status obsessions. Phobia.
The feeling of fear and anxiety.
A strong feeling of irritability.
Fatigue and lethargy.
Signs of reactive psychosis.
The hyperkinesias - abnormal sudden involuntary movements in different groups of muscles. Tiki.
Neurotic state.

Release form

The drugs market is ready to provide drugs with different quality. But in this article we consider drugs, a form of which is determined as a tablet.

Thus, the dosage of active substance is one unit of a pharmaceutical product may be necessarily reflected on the packaging of the medicine. Pharmacodynamics

To stop the particular problem used in treatment the drug needs to possess certain properties and characteristics. Pharmacodynamics tablets fear usually has the following properties:

Sedative characteristics.
Causing drowsiness.
Anticonvulsant properties.
Muscle relaxant effect.
The stress relief. The ability to reduce or completely suppress the anxiety, fear, anxiety.

The medications are usually able to reduce the speed of action of gamma - aminobutyric acid affecting the transmission of nerve impulses. Thus there is stimulation of certain receptors, leading monitoring of volumes of produced serotonin. It it enough "makes the colors of life more vivid", lifts the mood and allows you to forget about fears.

These drugs reduce the level of excitation of the subcortical structures of the brain, reducing emotional tension. The feeling of fear, anxiety and discomfort gradually goes away.

When the pill fear depression is the brain cells of the reticular formation that encourages the relaxation of their motor, autonomic and emotional functions. Such changes lead to increased sleepiness. The relaxation of muscle tissue allows you to take convulsions.


But to get the expected result, the pharmacodynamics of the drug is not enough. To the effectiveness of drugs important and pharmacokinetics, i.e. how quickly medicine is absorbed by the body, reaching a maximum concentration in the blood of the patient, as well as the half-life of chemical compounds and their modifications.

Mostly all drugs analyzed groups is perfectly adsorbed by the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract. Usually just a half hour to two hours in the patient's blood active chemical substance reaches its critical values, which allows quickly and effectively to stop panic attacks. Although there are drugs cumulative action, not showing quick results. But they are less harmful to the body, and their regular input allows to achieve impressing results.

The metabolism of the considered drugs usually occurs in the liver. The half-life of unchanged substances and metabolites can range from six to eighteen hours. This parameter depends on the parameters of the drug and the individual patient.

Mainly excretion components of the drug occurs in conjunction with urine through the kidneys and the urinary system.